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Welcome to the TESTADURA homepage

Background of the TESTA DURA establishment

The manufacturing utilized the Japanese expertise, technique, and experience is demanded

The Japanese sword smith creates the swords that are extremely thin but very strong.
Technique to support the bullet trains which continues evolving as a pioneer of the rapid transit.

Environment under which a technique is inherited and advanced is indispensable to manufacturing.
The basic of the manufacturing is an inventive spirit and ability for analyzing the causes and applying the best measures when a problem occurred.

Surprising changes of China have been continuously observed for a last decade.
However, the problems of various kinds of quality and intellectual property rights begin to gradually spout out.
Therefore, it is the time now to utilize the power of Japanese engineers who have abundant experience.

The manufacturing utilized the Japanese technique

Japanese engineers perform the main design.
Chinese engineers support the following areas.
・ Production
・ Modifying the PCB pattern by using 3DCAD, 2DCAD
・ Meeting with the vendor
In addition, the Japanese engineers who are the original designers will lead the Chinese engineers.

We have a professional team formed by the Japanese engineers who are specialized in the following areas.
1) Project leader (mechatronics engineer) who can coordinate the entire project.
2) Electric designer
3) Mechanical designer
4) Software developer
5) Speaker design engineer
All of them are the expert engineers who engaged in the design of the Nakamichi audio products for many years.

The development of the analog audio products and revitalization of the human nature

People started listening the music privately by earphone with the introduction of the Walkman in the late 1970s.
The culture of transferring the music directly to the inside of ear by earphone has been established in the audio industry by the spread of digital audio since the early 1980s and the introduction of iPod in the early 2000s.
We want to stop this culture and develop the analog based audio products in order to revitalize the human nature.

Revitalization of the human nature

Current young generation lacks ability to listen to people since they tend to get the information by the visual images.
In order to bring back the culture of listening to the radio and promote ability of getting the information through the ear and of imagination, we plan to develop the tube radio and also to let the broadcast stations to improve the acoustic quality of the source.